Irrigation Status Notifications via Antenno


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Irrigation Status Notifications via Antenno

We send you notifications on the Antenno app, which is free to download. It’s easy to get started; no personal information or login details are required. Simply download the Antenno app, then enter an address for a property that you want water irrigation status updates for - it could be your vineyard/property, or a vineyard/property you manage. You can enter as many properties as you need to.

You don’t have to keep checking; Antenno will notify you of an update using your phone’s notification settings.

If there is a water irrigation status notification that isn’t relevant to a property you’ve entered into the app, you won’t receive an alert.

Install Antenno Now

iPhone Users

Download Antenno from the App Store here

or use your phone to search for Antenno in the App Store.

Android Users

Download Antenno from Google Play here

or use your phone to search for Antenno on Google Play.

More Information About Antenno

See the Antenno section of this website to find out more about Antenno