Preservation and Protection

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Preservation and Protection

It is also Council’s policy to research and assess additional items of heritage value in the District. In order to carry out this responsibility, Council works with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, Tangata Whenua, and the local community (including stakeholders, land owners, community members and other organisations) in the identification of potential historic heritage buildings, places, sites or trees.

This is where we need your help! If you know of a building, site, place or tree that has not been included in the register, please fill in the Heritage Nomination Form and send it to Council.

Go to the Heritage Nomination Form page

Oxleys Rock Hotel heritage building.

Historic Heritage

When identifying heritage resources for scheduling in the registers, Council uses the following historic heritage criteria, including whether the feature:

  • has a value as a local landmark, over a length of time
  • has historic association with a person or event of note, or has strong public association for any reason
  • reflects past skills, style or workmanship which would make it of educational or architectural value
  • is unique or rare, or a work of art
  • is important to Tangata Whenua
  • is physically prominent or well sited
  • reflects (as a whole) a townscape which has developed in earlier years and has value for the District, both now and in the future
  • forms part of a precinct or area of heritage value.
Wellingtonia heritage tree.

Heritage Trees

When identifying heritage resources for scheduling in the register, Council uses the following heritage tree criteria, including whether the tree:

  • commemorates an important local event either in Maori or European history, settlement and development
  • is regarded as an important landmark and has been acknowledged as such for a significant period of time
  • has historic association with a well-known public figure or has had strong public association for some reason
  • has distinctive botanical value
  • a stand of trees conforming to the above.

Council places great importance on the input and support of community stakeholders in its ongoing efforts to protect historic heritage and heritage trees. Often it is the support of individual private land owners or groups that enables the ongoing preservation of heritage buildings, places, sites or heritage trees.