Newbourne Crescent

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Newbourne Crescent

Ted McMurtry

The land on which Newbourne Cres sits was subdivided in the 1960s and ‘70s by Norman and Laurence (Laurie) McMurtry, who were the father and brother respectively of former Blenheim deputy mayor and businessman Edward “Ted” McMurtry.

Ted and Laurie’s mother Marjory originated from Newbourne, a small village in Suffolk, east England, which has existed since about 1086.

Ted McMurtry worked with his father and older brother Laurie in Norman’s Wynen Street firm, NR McMurtry and Company Ltd. The business had a cabinet-making workshop, real estate and auctioneering divisions, and also sold produce, furniture and carpet.

Ted McMurtry advocated for the amalgamation of the borough and county councils, which happened in 1989 to form the Marlborough District Council.

He served as a Blenheim Borough councillor (just as his father before him) for four terms from 1977 until 1989. In the mid-1980s he served as deputy mayor for two terms, was acting mayor for 18 months, and drove the building of the civic theatre and the indoor pool.

The brothers took over management of the family’s business and in 1968 Ted McMurtry became managing director and Laurie shifted to Australia. In 1988 Ted McMurtry converted McMurtry's Real Estate into a Century 21 real estate branch and served at its principal.

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