Community BBQ Facility - Re-use Shop

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Community BBQ Facility - Re-use Shop

This facility is located next to the Re-use Shop on Wither Road.

If you are fundraising for the benefit of the community you can book this facility. See BBQ booking request form below.

Conditions of Use

  1. Council has provided this facility for the Marlborough community to use in relation to fundraising activities. This may include, but is not limited to, schools, charities, and community organisations. Individuals may also book the facility if they can demonstrate that they are fundraising eg; for particular causes. Council reserves the right of final approval for all bookings.
  2. For reporting purposes Council would also like to know how much was raised during each booking.
  3. The facility can be booked online or by contacting Council on phone: 03 520 7400.
  4. Once your booking has been reviewed a confirmation will be sent from Council either by email or by phone.
  5. There is no cost for the booking.
  6. You do not have to apply for a Charity Food Stall Licence as Council has an annual one in place.
  7. Council will provide the gas and access to the facility. All other items eg; foods, sauces, cleaning materials, napkins etc are to be provided by you.
  8. You can only sell from the BBQ facility, including raffles or any other fundraising.
  9. The BBQ is to be switched down by 3.30 pm each booked day to allow for cooling and cleaning.
  10. You are responsible for ensuring that the BBQ, work surfaces and floor are all cleaned down and left as found. The contractor on site will check the facility with you before you leave. Should you fail to leave the facility in a clean condition then future use may be withdrawn and you will be invoiced for the cost of the cleaning.
  11. Should you damage the facility, then Council reserves the right to charge back any costs incurred.
  12. Vehicle parking will be provided behind the Resource Recovery Centre. You should not park in carparks provided for the public.
  13. You need to follow all instructions of the site manager and any health and safety policies, procedures and instructions that may be conveyed to you.
  14. Your activities should not interfere in any way with the contractor's operations on site.
  15. There will be no power provided on site.