Marlborough Living Cultural Treasure Award

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Marlborough Living Cultural Treasure Award


Extraordinary, inspiring and significant in cultural endeavour over a lifetime, and wherever possible sharing these with the community.


This award was established in 2012 by Marlborough Museum in partnership with Marlborough District Council and The Marlborough Express.

The Award is made to recipients who have demonstrated a lifetime of excellence in cultural endeavour, and are a source of community inspiration.

The number of recipients is limited to 10 at any one time. The selection panel includes the Mayor of Marlborough (John Leggett) or his representative, Marlborough Museum Ambassador and community representative (Toni Gillan), one other appointed community representative (Philippa Burns), the Chief Executive of Marlborough Museum (Steve Austin) and the chair (Dale Webb) of the governing body of Marlborough Museum.


Living Cultural Treasures are persons who possess, to a very high degree, the knowledge and skills required for performing or re‐creating specific elements of living cultural heritage. Living Cultural Treasures enrich the community with skills and knowledge in an extraordinary and significant way over a lifetime.

Living cultural heritage consists of practices and expressions, as well as the knowledge, skills and values associated therewith, that communities and groups recognise as part of their cultural heritage.

Recognition and reward for appointees

The principal reward for a Living Cultural Treasure is public recognition. To ensure this, the honours are conferred at a formal ceremony presided over by the president of the governing body of Marlborough Museum. Presentations include a medal and certificate.

The award will be linked with a programme of activities both expressing and celebrating the cultural heritage for which a Marlborough Living Cultural Treasure has been appointed. An example would be museum exhibitions and events.

Nominations from the community

2017 nominations will be called for in September, with the award being presented as part of the Marlborough Heritage Festival.

Recipients of the Marlborough Living Treasure Award


Fran Maguire

Clem Mellish


Triska Blumenfield


J S Parker, painter


Joy Cowley, author

Duncan Whiting, producer-director


Peg Moorhouse, weaver, inaugural recipient