Marlborough Volunteer Community Awards

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Marlborough Volunteer Community Awards


The Marlborough Volunteer Community Awards are a partnership between Volunteer Marlborough and Marlborough District Council to recognise volunteer groups making valuable contributions in the community and collaborating or partnering with other groups for the same benefit.

Any not-for-profit group or organisation working in the interests of the community may be nominated.

The awards are to recognise past and current achievements acknowledging the role of volunteers in the governance and delivery of services.


Nominations must be made by completing the online form. Additional support information can be attached to individual nominations.

  • The judging panel will consider the following factors:
  • Effectiveness of activities/programmes/services
  • Impact within the community
  • Volunteer input – hours and numbers
  • Numbers benefiting


Arts, Culture and Heritage – organisations and groups which enhance and increase participation in the arts, creative leisure activities, and heritage

Environment and Conservation – organisations and groups working to improve or revitalise the environment

Sport and Recreation – organisations and groups working to increase participation and enjoyment in physical sport, leisure activities, and recreational pursuits

Child/Youth Development – organisations and groups working to improve and enhance the educational and social development of children and young people

Community Social Services – organisations and groups working to improve and enhance the health and social wellbeing of our community

Key Dates

Nominations close: Monday 27 May

Judging panel meets: Friday 7 June

Awards night: Thursday 20 June