Successful Applicants 2020


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Successful Applicants 2020

Habitat Marlborough

Cinders Vineyard Restoration $2,000
Morven Dell Native Planting Project $2,500
Jentree Native Planting $2,000
Odyssey Native Corner $2,000
The Coterie Riparian Restoration $2,000
Brawn Vineyards Ōpaoa River Restoration $4,000
Ōpaoa Loop Restoration $2,000
School Creek Renwick Plantings $2,000
Dumgree Swamp Restoration $4,500
Rakau Hau $2,000

Protecting Marlborough

Tirimoana Anakiwa Pest Control $1,820
Exotic species control $2,517
Weed control at Kaipupu and surrounds $3,000
Sounds Ungulate Control Project $4,000
Avon Valley Catchment Restoration $7,000
Maungatapu Pest Control $6,553.50
Pest Free Okiwi $3,000
Pest Free Ngakuta Bay extension $6,286.25
Havelock - Wattles out Natives in $3,000
Wairangi Bay Pest Eradication $7,487

Terms and Conditions

  • Projects must be of direct benefit to people of the Marlborough district and take place within Marlborough.
  • Each application is considered based on its merits.
  • Landowners can provide labour but work must be carried out to the standards in the South Marlborough and North Marlborough planting guides.
    View the South Marlborough planting guide
    View the North Marlborough planting guide
  • All plantings must consist of native plants grown from a suitable local sourced seed or plant material.
  • Applicants are responsible for ordering plants within a reasonable timeframe after grant approval, which ensures timely planting and reduces risk of delays due to shortages.
  • The applicant is responsible for ongoing maintenance of plantings, including watering and weeding.
  • The applicant will be required to supply photos to Council immediately after planting and again 12 months later.
  • Plantings will be completed within the specified time period, maintained according to good husbandry practices, and protected for a minimum of five years.
  • Council staff (or contractors) may inspect the plantings annually, provided they notify the landowner a minimum of five working days prior.
  • Details of funded plantings will be included in the Marlborough District Council’s Geographic Information System (GIS) database of plantings, which is available for public viewing.
  • GIS information may be anonymously aggregated and provided to Government agencies to help understand the extent of environmental rehabilitation in the region.
  • Photos, project names and details may be used for promotional purposes for the scheme.