August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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Affordable, healthy and energy efficient housing is an important community issue. Marlborough District Council has taken on an advocacy and facilitation role beyond the provision of Housing for the Elderly.

Council works closely with Housing New Zealand and the Marlborough Sustainable Housing Trust to attract more funding and provision of housing options for the Marlborough community.

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Community housing

Council provides housing for elderly people to access safe, comfortable housing suitable to their needs.

For more information, contact APL Properties Limited
Level 1, 27 Scott Street
PO Box 185
Blenheim 7240
New Zealand
Phone: 03 577 7780
Fax: 03 578 6003

Marlborough Sustainable Housing Trust

The Marlborough Sustainable Housing Trust aims to provide affordable housing to Marlborough households through Shared Ownership. Our houses are energy efficient and accessible – designed for working households on moderate incomes in Marlborough. We are looking for households on moderate incomes interested in becoming home owners.

The trust also provides rental housing to low-income families. In November 2014, the Trust achieved registration as a community housing provider Class 1 – Social Landlord, under the Housing Restructuring and Tenancy Matters (Community Housing Provider) Regulations 2014. Registration demonstrates that the Trust has the capacity to meet the performance standards established by the Community Housing Regulatory Authority to ensure that tenants are appropriately housed. Our trust is the only registered community housing provider operating in Marlborough.

For more information, see the Marlborough Sustainable Housing Trust website.

See the Marlborough Sustainable Housing Trust