Safe and Sound at the Top


Roads around Marlborough continue to be affected by slips and closures

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Safe and Sound at the Top

International Safe Communities Accreditation Document

This is the document presented for accreditation as an International Safe Community. It is a snapshot of Marlborough at that time of the work being done in the community with a 'Safe Marlborough' focus.

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Section - Message from the Mayor and acknowledgements.

Section A - community overview.

Section B

Section C - an infrastructure based on partnership and collaborations, governed by a cross-sectional group that is responsible for safety promotion in their community.

Section D - long term, sustainable programmes covering both genders and all ages, environments and situations.

Section E - programmes that target high risk groups and environments and programmes that promote safety for vulnerable groups.

Section F - programmes that are based on available evidence.

Section G - programmes that document the frequency and causes of injuries - both unintentional (accidents) and intentional (violence and self directed).

Section H - evaluation measures to assess programmes, processes and the effects of change.

Section I - ongoing participation in national and international Safe Communities.