Marlborough Youth Council

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Marlborough Youth Council

What is Marlborough Youth Council?

The Marlborough Youth Council (MYC) is made up of a team of diverse young people of secondary school age, from varying backgrounds and ethnic origins.

They share a desire to make a difference for the region of Marlborough.

What does it do?

Marlborough Youth Council aims to encourage youth to get involved in community affairs and events.

They meet monthly to discuss youth issues, gain valuable skills and learn about local government while they’re at it.

They contribute to Marlborough District Councils’ decision-making by providing a youth perspective.

What MYC has achieved in 2018

  • Submitted to Council’s Long Term Plan based on youth-specific concerns.
  • Held Youth Art Exhibition Folio
  • Supported Peer Support training in schools
  • Contracted MYT to run regular Youth events & programmes including:
    • CACTUS & PCT
    • Music concerts
    • Various youth specific events

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