How to use a Cycleway


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How to use a Cycleway

Cycleways are a proven way to improve the health of a city, reduce congestion and reduce cost of infrastructure. So whether you are biking, driving or walking, please take care on the cycleways.

Cycle Lanes

Cycle lanes are painted lanes within the road carriageway and are typically located adjacent to parking, next to the kerb (kerbside) and between two traffic lanes (for example, on the approach to an intersection).

  • Cyclists are reminded to remain alert and be cautious of hazards such as other road users turning and opening car doors.
  • Only cyclists can use cycle lanes. Cycle lanes are classified as Special Vehicle Lanes by the NZ Transport Agency and generally speaking motorised vehicle users can not travel or park in a cycle lane.
  • Open car doors are dangerous for oncoming cyclists. If you are parking adjacent to a cycle lane check the lane is clear before opening car doors.

Two-way shared path or cycle way

Shared paths are for everyone to enjoy by foot and bike. Stay left if you are walking or riding on a two-way shared path or two-way cycle way.

Tips for shared path users

  • Cyclists warn other path users on approach and slow down when passing.
  • Walkers and cyclists should keep left to allow other path users to pass.
  • Move off path when stopping.

Tips for driveways:

  • If a two-way shared path or cycle way runs in front of a property, note that pedestrians and cyclists can come from both directions.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists have right-of-way, therefore drivers entering/exiting driveways must give way.
  • Remember it is illegal to park on a shared path or two-way cycleway.

Greenway with shared lane

Neighbourhood greenways are sections of cycle way on quieter streets – typically low volumes of vehicles travelling at low speed.

‘Sharrow’ or ‘share arrow’ road markings are commonly found on greenways (shown in the image below). Sharrows are there to remind cyclists that they can take the lane and drives to expect cyclists to be riding further out in the traffic lane.

Tips for people on bikes:

  • People on bikes are encouraged to ride towards the middle of the lane to avoid the opening doors from parked cars and storm water grates.
  • People on bikes should move to the left to allow vehicles to pass when there is room to do so safely.

Tips for drivers

  • If you see sharrow road markings, please expect cyclists to be riding towards the centre of the traffic lane.
  • Please be patient, the cyclist will move to the left when it’s safe to do so.