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A 'walkability map' of Blenheim has been produced to show the best routes into the CBD for those on foot, in wheelchairs and on mobility scooters.

The routes into the CBD are from Redwoodtown along Scott Street, and along Middle Renwick Road from Springlands. Yellow tactile ground markers have been installed at the best road crossing points.

The map also shows free charging points for mobility scooters and the location of drinking fountains and accessible public toilet facilities.

“We’ve tried to ensure there are as few obstacles as possible so there are safe and smooth routes to follow into town from two areas where the demographics suggest there’s likely to be most use,” she said.

Council, working with the Access and Mobility Forum and Marlborough Roads, has planned and tested the routes with people who rely on a guide dog or ride a mobility scooter.

Repairs and alterations were made at some spots along the routes to ensure they are up to the standards of the 'Pedestrian Planning and Design Guide' - the standard adopted by Council through its Walkability Policy.

The public can also help by reporting any footpath access issues to Marlborough Roads, Phone 03 520 8330

A copy of the map is available from the Council offices, 15 Seymour street, Blenheim.