2016-2019 Events Strategy

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2016-2019 Events Strategy

2016-2019 Marlborough Regional Events Strategy

A Marlborough Regional Events Strategy has been developed for 2016 – 2019. This strategy is aimed at building on the strong foundations achieved in the first strategy, focusing on maximising the regional economic benefit of existing events, and targeting new opportunities that fit with the strengths of the region.

The priorities of the draft Regional Events Strategy include:

  • Focusing on joining businesses and events to create a regional approach;
  • Considering events in the new framework as a portfolio;
  • Developing a ‘wish list’ of criteria to bid for events or support the creation of new events in Marlborough.

New Elements to the Strategy

Conferences, conventions and association events are now included in the Strategy as business events.

New groups who will be involved in the Strategy have been included such as the Blenheim and Picton Business Associations and the various Smart and Connected Groups. This will enhance the proposed regional approach to events.

New tools to be considered in relation to events have been outlined including the Marlborough Story, Marlborough Visitor Economy Growth Plan, Follow-ME and Direct Value Added.

The ‘Major’ Events category has changed and replaced with Premier1 and Premier2 Events. Business Events are also a new category.

The aims of the Strategy remains the same apart from two changes from ‘proud hosts with a strong event volunteer base’ which has been removed and a new aim of 'creating legacies' added.

A new framework has been introduced to help consider Marlborough events as a portfolio and to create a ‘wish list’ of criteria to help either bid for events or support the creation of new events.

The Action Plan outlines exciting goals to join businesses and events and to target new events that will entice visitors from outside the Marlborough region in the shoulder seasons.