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Commercial Events Fund

The Commercial Events Fund is open to any event managers/organisers that run commercial events in New Zealand. The event must be held within Marlborough District Council boundaries. Community events, conferences, conventions, trade shows and exhibitions are not eligible for this funding.

Applications for 2021 / 2022 are now closed.
Round 1 of 2022 / 2023 will open on Monday 15 August 2022.

The Commercial Events Fund supports the goals outlined in the Marlborough Regional Events Strategy.

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Our vision:

“To be recognised as a premier destination for events.”

"Marlborough hosts year round, quality events that are interesting and enjoyable for our community and visitors. Through our events we will attract locals and visitors to regularly play and stay in Marlborough. Our events will be good for our economy, society and environment. They will showcase what it is to ‘live’ Marlborough.”

A framework has been compiled to guide decision-making in terms of fund allocation, however; it will need to be applied in a flexible manner to recognise the benefits of the event portfolio as a whole. The figures should be viewed as a guide only and flexibility must be retained depending on the merit of the applications received and the overall balance of events.

Commercial Events Fund Percentage Amount
Existing events 30% $39,000
New events 70% $91,000
Total 100% $130,000


  • Whilst this funding is available on an annual basis, it does not mean that all funds must be distributed each year. For any event to receive funding it must first meet the funding criteria.
  • Events are able to be funded for a maximum of three consecutive years, at a decreasing scale.
  • The above total includes Council's Bid Fund which is used to attract potential events to the region as opportunities arise. These opportunities are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The total budget also includes a $10,000 discretionary fund for events that meet the funding criteria but that are organised outside of the main funding rounds and often at short notice.

An Events Fund Sub-Committee will evaluate the funding application and recommendations made by the Regional Events Advisor for final approval. The funding panel will consist of the following people:

  • Councillor Michael Fitzpatrick (Chairperson)
  • Councillor Thelma Sowman
  • Councillor Jamie Arbuckle
  • Councillor Barbara Faulls
  • Councillor David Croad
  • Destination Marlborough Representative (DM General Manager or Board Chair).

Independent advice may also be sought by the panel as deemed necessary.

The Regional Events Advisor will attend funding meetings and provide further information and feedback but the final funding decisions and recommendations will be at the discretion of the sub-committee.

The Events Fund Sub-Committee will have delegated authority to approve all funding requests and will report all decisions to the Planning, Finance and Community Committee.

The 2022 / 2023 funding rounds will be structured as below:

2022/23 - Round 1

Applications open Monday 15 August 2022 (8.00 am)
Applications close Monday 12 September 2022 (5.00 pm)
Decision made by Friday 7 October 2022 (5.00 pm)

2022/23 - Round 2

Applications open Monday 13 February 2023 (8.00 am)
Applications close Monday 13 March 2023 (5.00 pm)
Decision made by

Friday 7 April 2023 (5.00 pm)

Important Notes:

  • Additional funding rounds may be considered if deemed necessary
  • All events receiving funding must complete a Post Event Report within three months of completing the event

If you have any questions, please contact Samantha Young, Regional Events Advisor Ph: 03 520 7400

Email Events Marlborough

  • Marlborough Commercial Events Fund Report

    All recipients of funding from the Commercial Events Fund must complete this form and provide full event financial reports within three months of their event taking place.