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Event Signage

Plan rules for all zones (road reserves have other rules) provide for community advertising signs if the below standards are meet. advertising signs for community (including electoral advertising signs), educational and recreational events and during building construction, provided that they comply with the following site standards.
a) Advertising signs shall not exceed 2 m2 in area;
b) Advertising signs shall not be erected more than three months prior to the date of the commencement of the activity advertised nor remain erected more than one week following completion of that activity.

Advertising must also comply with: sign shall be erected on or adjacent to a road which will:
a) Obstruct the line of sight of any bridge, corner, bend, intersection or vehicle crossing;
b) Obstruct, obscure or impair the view of any traffic sign or signal;
c) Resemble or be likely to be confused with any traffic sign or signal;

Use reflective materials (other than a traffic safety sign);

e) Use flashing or revolving lights;

Give rise to excessive levels of glare to a hazardous degree. advertising signs shall be constructed, fixed and placed in a manner so they do not pose a danger to property or people. This shall be the responsibility of the sign owner and the owner of the building or land on which the sign is placed. blimps or balloons shall not be flown:

More than 40 metres above the ground;


Within a 5 kilometre radius of any aerodrome;

c) Outside daylight hours;

When the wind speed exceeds 15 knots;

e) Without at least two guy-ropes attached so that in the event of one rope breaking the remaining rope shall adequately restrain the blimp or balloon;
f) From any point within 100 metres of any National Route sign shall be attached to a tree, other than a sign identifying the species of tree and/or its classification in terms of the Plan. Sizes

Unless specified elsewhere the following minimum lettering sizes are to be used in areas of the district where specific regulatory traffic speed limits apply, in order to make advertising signs in these areas easily readable to passing motorists, and therefore minimise their potential adverse effects on traffic safety.

Minimum Lettering Height (mm)
Regulatory Speed Limit
Minimum Lettering
Height Main Message
Occupier/Property Secondary Message
50 150 100 75
70 200 150 100
100 300 200 15

The above rules can be found in the Wairau Awatere Resource Management Plan. To view the entire Wairau Awatere Resource Management Plan; or the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan online.

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