Food at an Event


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Food at an Event

Part of Marlborough District Council's regulatory role is to ensure residents of Marlborough and visitors to the district have confidence that they may live and stay in an environment that is safe. This includes ensuring that all suppliers of food to the public are meeting the requirements of the Food Act 2014.

All operators at food festivals and other events must have a current registration under the Food Act 2014 or fit in to an exempt category. If you are fundraising for a purpose you likely fit into the exempt category unless you fundraise over 20 times per year. Environmental Health Officers may carry out inspections of each stall on the day of the event and stalls that fail to meet the standards will not be allowed to trade.

Event organisers are expected to collect all event stall registrations and submit these to Marlborough District Council for approval at least 20 working days before the event.

Mobile traders that are licensed outside of Marlborough are permitted to trade but also need to provide their registration details and display the certificate on the day.

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Or, ask to speak to the Environmental Health Officers either in person or on phone: 03 520 7400.