Promoting Your Event


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Promoting Your Event

There are a number of different ways to get your event message across to your target audience. These include the use of media releases, interviews, media advertising and other promotional materials such as posters and flyers. Which methods you use will depend largely on the size and nature of your event and your target audience. It is one thing to organise an event, but you also need to put the time and effort into promotion as well.

The targeted and careful use of media releases provides a free alternative to paying for media advertising, but only as long as the media are made sufficiently interested in your event. To work effectively with the media, you need to be able to write and/or speak clearly about the purpose and importance of your event and why it is of interest to their audiences.

The brochure available on the link below assists you with writing a media release and provides names and numbers of all local media outlets. There are other suggestions such as online newsrooms and local publications.

It is important to consider listing your event on the local and national event calendars suggested and to engage in the various forms of social media.

In the event that the media is alerted to an incident concerning your event that could have a negative impact, do not rush into making public statement too quickly. Ask the media to give you some time and tell them you will contact them when you are fully prepared.

Event Calendars

A great way to promote your event is to list it on Marlborough’s official regional events calendar, Follow-ME:

Go to the Follow-ME website

To find out more about event promotion contact Marlborough District Council’s Regional Events Advisor – phone: 03 520 7400; email: