Recycling and Waste


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Recycling and Waste

When planning your event it is important that you consider what waste may be generated, how this might impact on your site and the surrounding area and how you are going to deal with this. Whilst there may be existing collection systems nearby e.g. public litter bins, it is Council’s expectation that event organisers will provide their own system for the collection and removal of waste generated by and association with the event.

As the event organiser, the decision to recycle or reduce waste from your event is totally your decision. But you may find that by recycling you reduce your waste costs and people view your event as environmentally friendly, which has positive spin-offs. As a region Marlborough would like to embrace the clean and green image.

To find suppliers look under ‘recycling’ in the Yellow Pages.

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Additional information is available through the Packaging Forum.

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If you are a non-profit organisation you may qualify for a waiver of transfer station fees.

See waiving of fees on the community/grants and awards page

To find out more about recycling and waste minimisation, contact Marlborough District Council on phone: 03 520 7400.