Traffic Management


Roads around Marlborough continue to be affected by slips and closures

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Traffic Management

Traffic management plans and road closures

If your event requires some or all of a road, or some or all of a footpath to be closed/altered temporarily to traffic or pedestrians, you will need to complete a traffic management plan and submit it to Marlborough Roads.

You will also need to consider side roads where events are taking place. If this has an impact on traffic flows or parking, you may also require a Traffic Management Plan.

The setting up of all traffic management plans must be completed by a qualified STMS and temporary traffic control must be carried out by a qualified traffic controller.

Marlborough Roads will be able to advise you of companies who can assist with traffic management for events in Marlborough.

An application fee applies for road closures and street activities, plus you will need to budget for publicly advertising road closures. When your application is received, Marlborough Roads will make a decision based on safety issues, traffic management and conditions.

See NZTA for more information and forms

Or, contact Marlborough Roads on phone: 03 520 8330.