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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Te Tauihu REF includes the Nelson, Marlborough, and Tasman regions.

  • The purpose of the Te Tuaihu REF is to stimulate the local economy by driving out of region visitation through multi-day events, that also support and leverage local industry strengths. Also, the fund aims to celebrate the community, build excellence into event management, and minimise waste at events.

  • Your EOI will be assessed against a range of criteria:

    • The event must attract visitors from outside of the Te Tauihu region.
    • The event must collaborate rather than compete with existing events across Te Tauihu.
    • The event must fall into at least one of the following focus areas:
      • business events which leverage the regions industry strengths in aviation, forestry, the oceans economy, food and beverage or health
      • food and beverage events
      • sporting events
      • arts and cultural events
    • The event must be multi-day or able to build up to a multi-day event.
    • The panel will also take the following factors into consideration:
      • climate change mitigation
      • alignment with regional priorities
      • economic impact community wellbeing
      • local pride
      • waste management and sustainability practices
  • You are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to if your event is in Nelson Tasman or for Marlborough events. Applications will be accepted and reviewed throughout the year by the Event Investment Panel, who meet Bimonthly. If your EOI is progressed, you will be contacted about the next steps in the application process.

  • Yes, however, MBIE requires collaboration not competition between regions, therefore you will not be able to competitively bid between regions to secure your event.

  • Yes, you can still apply; however, it is unlikely you will receive funding from more than one fund. This is to ensure duplication of MBIE funding is kept to a minimum and support is given to a wide range of events.

  • Yes, you can still apply, you will need to outline any government funding you have secured on the ‘List other sources of funding and sponsorship for your event’ section on your EOI.

  • Sorry no, the purpose of the Te Tauihu REF is to stimulate the economy by encouraging ‘out of region visitation’. Community events aim to target a local audience.

  • Inter-regional visitation is travel from one region to another, and Intra-regional visitation is travel within the same region, but 50km or more from home.

  • A wide range of events will be considered for funding including business events, food and beverage events, sporting events, and arts and cultural events. Your event should attract out-of-region visitation and be held over multiple days or have the potential to be multi-day in the future.

  • Yes absolutely, please submit an EOI even if you are unsure if it falls into one of the focus areas.

  • Yes, you can still submit an EOI. You will be required to confirm your event date and venue if your EOI is progressed.

  • No sorry, your event should not commence until your funding has been approved, and after 1 July 2021.

  • Your EOI will be reviewed by the Event Investment Panel against the Te Tauihu REF Criteria.

  • The Event Investment Panel includes representatives from Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council, Marlborough District Council, Nelson Regional Development Agency, and Destination Marlborough. The role of the Event Investment Panel is to review EOI and funding applications against the Te Tauihu REF criteria. The Panel has a broad range of expertise and experience in tourism and events and will work collaboratively in the planning and delivery of the Te Tauihu REF.

  • Yes, you do. Please ensure you have read and understand the Event Sector Voluntary Code

  • You shouldn't expend your total Te Tauihu REF funding when budgeting and planning your event. The Event Investment Panel will need to see the event you’re planning is sustainable long-term and beyond the availability of Te Tauihu REF.

  • Multiyear funding is available over four years, with funds being released both pre and post-event. Funding agreements will be established once your event details and plans are finalised.

  • We are required by MBIE to report on all events that have received Te Tauihu REF. At this stage we don’t know if your event details will be made public, however, it is likely you could be listed on their website given Te Tauihu REF is Central Government Funding.

  • You will be required to report on your event, as we are required to report to MBIE on all events that have received the Te Tauihu REF. Your reporting requirements will be discussed once your EOI is progressed and will be outlined in your funding agreement.