Hiding Painted Rocks in Council Reserves


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Hiding Painted Rocks in Council Reserves

Creating, hiding and finding painted rocks is a popular pastime. This page offers information on good places to hide the rocks (and places to avoid).

Simply speaking, it's okay in some parks, particularly around trees and rock gardens, which have proved good hiding places. Please take care to hide rocks around trees and in areas that do not get mown. Avoid hiding rocks in places that may cause harm to people, particularly people mowing lawns.

The tips below will help you enjoy your painted rock forays while keeping everyone safe.

Please avoid

  • Any areas that are mowed often like sports parks
  • Our premier gardens, especially flower beds where children walking through bedded areas can damage the gardens

Parks where stones are not permitted

  • Seymour Square
  • Horton Park
  • Lansdowne Park

Parks where stones are permitted (but NOT in the grass and the flower beds)

  • Pollard Park – but please remember the rule above
  • Harling Park – but please remember the rule above
  • All other parks

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