Fruit and Nut Trees


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Fruit and Nut Trees

Edible fruit trees are planted on public land in Marlborough as part of Council's commitment to providing resources for the community good.

Council currently maintains some mature walnut trees on Council open spaces in Springlands and the Taylor Riverbank. There are also fruit and nut trees in some of the newer open spaces on the southern side of town.

Council is happy to hear from communities wanting more edible trees established in their neighbourhood although various issues do have to be taken into account. For example, there are some limits to where fruit trees may be planted due to fruit dropping and rotting.

However, Council is keen to expand planting and welcomes suggestions from the public for new locations, especially where people are willing to help water and care for the young trees.

Find locations of fruit and nut trees in public places

The following fruit and nut trees are available for you to take your pick:

  • Pollard Park – peach, apple, grape, pear, berries, cane fruit and vegetables
  • Pollard Park Golf Course – walnut, crab apple, fig
  • Ching Park (Endeavour Street) – English walnut
  • McKendry Park – English walnut, French walnut, plum, quince, apple
  • Fulton Stream (Kingwell Drive) – English walnut, hazelnut, pistachio nut
  • Taylor Riverbank (between Brewer and Stratford Streets) – English walnut, Black walnut, chestnut, Chinese wingnut
  • Taylor Riverbank (near Monro Street) – English walnut
  • A&P Park (off Alabama Road) – English walnut
  • Omaka Reserve - apricot, feijoa, plum, pear, peach and nectarine
  • Cedar Grove Reserve – English walnut
  • Rema Reserve (Hope Drive) – English Walnut
  • Wither Hills Buffer Strip (access from Weld Street, Solway Drive and Redwood Street) – various fruit
  • Holdaway Street Reserve – apple, lemon, Feijoa, pear
  • Sheps’ Park – English walnut, French walnut, lemon, apple, persimmon, hazelnut, Feijoa, plum, peach, nashi, lime, orange

Take only what you need – leave some fruit for others