Fund for maintaining notable trees


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Fund for maintaining notable trees

A fund was created in 2014 to support landowners in managing notable trees. The Parks and Open Spaces Section of the Council manages the fund and you can contact them about the process of applying to receive funding. The fund may be used:

  • where proposed work to a notable tree is for enhancement of the tree’s health or for safety reasons;
  • to fund a qualified arborist inspection, reports, resource consent applications and work on notable trees on Council actively managed land;
  • on an application by a private property owner for the preparation of a qualified arborist’s report or resource consent application where significant trimming is required;
  • to assess proposals for trees to become notable trees or to be removed from the register in the MEP;
  • to undertake emergency work where the tree poses a danger to health and safety of the public (e.g. likely to fall onto a road);
  • for including notable trees on The New Zealand Tree Register;
  • for placing plaques on notable trees, updating measurement and condition records and recording GPS locations.

Applications received will be assessed on a case-by-case basis having regard to:

  • the extent of work proposed;
  • recommendations of a qualified arborist (if an arborist’s report has been obtained);
  • what is known about the significance of the tree; and
  • the amount of financial assistance available through the Fund.

Email Parks and Open Spaces for more information

Go to the application for funding assistance to maintain a notable tree