Street Banners and Flags


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Street Banners and Flags

Marlborough District Council has approximately 130 banner/flag tracks on street poles at a number of locations around Marlborough. Banners or flags add colour and vibrancy to urban areas as well as informing the public of upcoming events.

The tracks are able to be used to promote certain events and information on this page provides guidance for applicants to determine whether their activity could be promoted through the use of banners/flags on the Council's track system.

If you cannot find the information you need here, please email or phone Rebecca Moorhouse at the Council on 03 520 7400.

Street banner policy

The policy clarifies which types of banners may or may not be displayed on the banner tracks, the design of banners and the requirement for an application to be made to enable installation of banners.

Information for applicants

The information sheet provides guidance for applicants about the type and number of tracks available, what design details are required, the application process and the installation process.

Application for use of banner tracks

Please complete the online form below to request the use of the Council's street banner tracks.