Swimming and Boating


Walking tracks closed to high fire danger

The hot, dry summer has forced the closure of upper tracks in Victoria Domain, and Wither Hills Farm Park.

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Swimming and Boating

  • Jet Skis

    Jet skis are required to observe all relevant rules and regulations applying to any ship.

  • Kayaking and Rowing

    Kayaks, and other small non-powered craft, can be extremely difficult to see, especially when weather conditions are windy and the water choppy.

  • Recreational Water Quality Reports

    Major recreational areas in Marlborough, were assessed in 2003 to obtain an overall suitability for recreation grade (SFRG).

  • Safe Boating

    All recreational boaties must carry life jackets in Marlborough waters.

  • Ski and Swim Lanes

    Marlborough District Council has set aside specific areas where this activity can legally take place from beaches.

  • Swimming Locations

    Council monitors the concentrations of indicator bacteria every week from the beginning of November until the end of March.

  • Toxic Algae

    Toxic algae are particularly prolific in summer when longer days and higher temperatures provide good growing conditions.