Kayaking and Rowing


August Weather Event 2022

Information relating to the recent weather event in Marlborough

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Kayaking and Rowing

Please note: All recreational boaties MUST carry life jackets in Marlborough waters.

Anyone in charge of a recreational vessel should expect to be prosecuted and fined $200 if they’re found without the life jackets required for those on board. See the link below for more information on requirements to carry life jackets.

See information on life jackets

Kayaks and other small non-powered craft can be extremely difficult to see, especially when weather conditions are windy and the water choppy.

It is therefore recommended for kayakers to stay within 200 metres of the shore, where the speed limit for vessels is five knots. When crossing a channel, this should be done at a right angle to make the crossing the shortest possible distance.

Always be on the lookout for approaching vessels. Never assume an approaching vessel has seen you. Turn away quickly if a vessel is on a collision course.

The greatest aid to visibility is height and movement. Kayakers are encouraged to use brightly coloured or reflective blades, flags, lifejackets, clothing and headgear.