Ngakuta Bay Ski Lanes


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Ngakuta Bay Ski Lanes

What's New

After discussions with the Ngakuta Bay Boating Club and Community Association the Marlborough District Council Harbours Office have reinstated a safer water skiing environment.

How to use the New Ski Lanes

Designated water ski lanes have been established by the Harbourmaster. These lanes allow high speed access to and from the shore for the purpose of water skiing only. Lanes are marked with orange and black posts on shore and orange and black buoys. Refer to the banner on the right on general rules for access lanes.

General Rules for Access Lanes

  • Access lanes are for take off and landing only.
  • Keep to the correct side of the lane for your direction of travel.
  • Enter and leave a lane at right angles to the shore.
  • Always have an observer in the towing vessel watching the skier at all times. The skipper of the boat cannot fulfil this responsibility.
  • Ensure your conduct within a lane never endangers other persons or vessels.
  • Never water ski at night.

See below for a printable version of the Ngakuta Bay Ski Lanes flyer