Cycle Skills Training


Walking tracks closed to high fire danger

The hot, dry summer has forced the closure of upper tracks in Victoria Domain, and Wither Hills Farm Park.

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Cycle Skills Training

RideOn Programme

RideOn’s NZQA certified instructors deliver cycle skills compliant with the New Zealand Transport Agency’s cycle skills guidelines. This two-tiered programme is designed to teach children how to cycle safely and confidently.

NZTA cycle skills guidelines

Grade one (off-road)

Grade one cycle skills training is typically a one day course (9.00 am to 3.00 pm) that is held in a non-traffic environment, typically in a school playground.

Training at this level covers:

  • Bike and helmet safety checks including legal requirements
  • Steering and manoeuvring to avoid objects
  • Looking behind while pedalling in a straight line
  • Using hand signals (stop, left and right)
  • Using gears
  • We finish with a wooden challenge circuit in the last session to put participant’s skills to the test

Grade two (on-road)

Grade two training takes seven hours in total, with a minimum of six hours on local roads. Typically we split the seven hours of training into two 3.5 hour sessions.

Training at this level covers:

  • Competency in all grade one core skills
  • Understanding the road signs and road rules that apply to cyclists
  • Starting and stopping on the side of the road
  • Ride along the road
  • Passing a parked or slow-moving car
  • Turning left and right (at controlled and uncontrolled intersections)
  • Travel straight through controlled and uncontrolled intersections
  • Using road signals – how and when to use them on the road

For bookings and enquires please contact:

Braden Prideaux
Community Sport Advisor – Sport Tasman
Phone: 03 577 8855

Useful website:

NZTA cycle skills guidelines