Mountain Biking

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Mountain Biking

Check track closures

Check if Wither Hills Farm Park mountain bike tracks are open or closed on the Marlborough Mountain Bike Club Facebook page.

Wither Hills Mountain Bike Park Open/Closed Status

Don't ride wet tracks, as it damages the tracks.

Blenheim and Wairau

The Taylor River Trail is an ideal easy mountain bike ride that extends from the Burleigh Bridge to the Taylor Dam Reserve. This trail connects with the Wither Hills Farm Park and offers a range of mountain bike trails right at Blenheim's back door. The Rifle Range Trail is an easy single track ride that runs along the base of the hills between Taylor Pass Road and Redwood Street.

The 40 hectare Mountain Bike Park offers a variety of rides and the Mt Vernon Traverse is a challenging ride over the ridgelines.

Conders Bend Mountain Bike Park is located next to the Wairau River near Renwick with approximately 6 kms of curved, largely flat track. The park's location is shown on the 'Discover the Central Wairau Plains' brochure and map.

See a map of walking and biking tracks in Marlborough