Road and Track Cycling

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Road and Track Cycling

Marlborough is a great district for cycling, with its favourable climate, relatively low traffic volumes and predominantly flat topography. The safety of cyclists has been identified as a key issue in Marlborough and several measures are being implemented to enhance and encourage cycle safety. These measures include installing cycle paths, cycle lanes, associated facilities and school travel planning, training and education programmes.

Cycle lanes have been installed along key higher volume roads in the town centre and an extension of these is planned to further the network as outlined in Marlborough's Walking and Cycling Strategy 2010.

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Bike Walk Marlborough is a walking and biking advocacy group that meets three-monthly and assists Council in decision-making on walking and cycling initiatives. For more information, refer to the Bike Walk Marlborough page, using the link below.

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Cycling is a very time efficient mode of transport and is used to commute to school by many children and to and from work for many adults. Recreational cycling has also grown significantly in recent years with all ages and abilities of cyclists riding both on and off road.

There are many cycling options available within Marlborough, both on-road and off-road. There are several clubs and regular rides available there are many on-road circuits around the vineyard roads that are popular with recreational riders and the more serious cyclists for training rides and racing. The Taylor River paths are used by many for commuting and recreational cycling.

See a map of walking and biking tracks in Marlborough

Track cycling

Track cycling is held at Athletic Park during summer months.

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