Road Safety for Cyclists

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Road Safety for Cyclists

Sharing the road tips

Cycling is a fun and exciting way to get around Marlborough

Here are a few simple tips to stay safe when sharing the road:

  • Be seen - wear high visibility or brightly coloured clothing and use lights
  • Be Aware - watch for car doors opening, potholes, rubbish, grates, and pedestrians and always check for left turning vehicles
  • Be predictable - make eye contact with other road users, maintain a straight line and don’t pass on the left hand side
  • Be confident - use hand signals and a bell and ride at least 1 metre from parked cars; use the cycle or traffic lane
  • Be safe - follow the road rules and choose the safest route
  • Be patient - slow down near parked or lined up vehicles; pass slowly and only when safe
  • Be prepared - wear an approved helmet and check your bike regularly: brakes, tyres, chain, lights, and reflectors

Shared pathways

Marlborough’s shared pathways are a great way to get around the region. Whether you are walking or running, on skates or riding a bike, please be courteous to other path users to help keep these spaces enjoyable for everyone.

When you are using the shared pathway:

  • Keep left at all times whether you are walking, running, cycling, scooting or skating
  • Pass others at a safe speed by ensuring you give other path users a wide berth
  • Warn other path users before overtaking them by calling out "passing" or sounding a bell
  • When stopping, please move off the path to ensure other path users are not held up
  • Control your speed to ensure the safety of others is not compromised

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