On, Off and Club Licences


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On, Off and Club Licences

  • A licence that allows you to sell or supply alcohol to the public.

    There are different types of alcohol licences for premises:

    • An on-licence allows you to sell or supply alcohol from hotels, bars, restaurants, night clubs or BYO premises
    • An off-licence allows you to sell alcohol, but not serve it, for example in a liquor shop, supermarket, cellar door, or through an internet or mail order company
    • A club licence allows you to supply or sell alcohol from a sports and/or incorporated club, including social clubs

    Other types of licences for premises are for specific situations such as:

    • When your premises is a moving conveyance such as a bus or boat
    • When you want to vary the conditions of your existing alcohol licence
    • To provide you as the new owner of a licensed premises temporary authority to operate your business under the same terms and conditions of any existing on or off licences for that premises while you apply for your own licence
  • Contact the Alcohol Administration Officer at Marlborough District Council to discuss your particular situation. The officer will explain the requirements you need to meet. You may like to read through the online application form first, as this may raise more questions that the officer will answer for you.

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  • A deposit must be paid when you lodge your application. As the total application fee will not be known until all agencies report to the District Licensing Committee, the committee has agreed to accept the lowest fee category as the deposit and you will then be invoiced for the balance of the application fee, if any, at a later stage of the processing.

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    Please note:

    As a consequence of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, an annual fee will also need to be paid prior to the licence being issued.