RWC 2019 Extended Trading Hours Amendment Bill

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RWC 2019 Extended Trading Hours Amendment Bill

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Parliament has enacted the Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Rugby World Cup 2019 Extended Trading Hours) Amendment Bill. This is for licensees who wish to televise live games that may go past their normal trading hours.

The licensee has the extension provided the primary or sole purpose of the premises being open on the night is to allow customers to watch the televised game/s notified by the licensee.

You can view the full Amendment Bill here:

The Ministry of Justice has produce the following fact sheet to outline the changes for licensees:

If you are a licencee and would like to operate outside of your trading hours for your patrons to watch the RWC 2019, then you will need to fill out the following notification form to do this:

To review the list of Rugby Games and dates go to this link: