Temporary Authority to Operate Alcohol Licences


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Temporary Authority to Operate Alcohol Licences

When you buy licensed premises such as a restaurant or bar, the licence cannot be transferred to the new owner, nor can the old owner transfer the licence to different premises. As the new owner, you must apply for a new licence for the premises. This process takes several weeks and in the meantime you will probably want to open for business.

To allow you to do this, you can apply for a temporary authority to operate alcohol licences. Once granted, this will allow you to operate the business under the same terms and conditions as the existing licence.

A temporary authority is normally granted for three months and during this time you make your own application for a new licence.

A person with a current Manager’s Certificate must be on the premise at all times when alcohol is being sold.

  • A copy of your application for a temporary authority must be approved by the police, who normally have 15 working days to report on the application. So, an application may take up to three weeks to be processed.

  • Contact the Alcohol Administration Officer at Marlborough District Council to discuss your particular situation. The officer will explain the requirements you need to meet. You may like to read through the online application form first, as this may raise more questions that the officer will answer for you.

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    The fee must be paid when you lodge your application.