Picton - Cloudy Water

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Picton - Cloudy Water

  • Date 1:45 PM Friday 4 January 2019
  • Type Water Works

Picton residents may notice their water appears cloudy, or milky white. This is not significant health-wise, but does have an aesthetic effect.

The reason you may be seeing this when you turn on your tap in Picton is because over Christmas a break in the pipeline between the Essons Valley Dam and the water treatment plant was repaired. This enabled air to enter the pipe. While most of this air is discharged when reinstating the water supply, there can still be a residual quantity of air in the main. This comes out as entrained air (air dissolved in the water) at the tap causing the water to be milky white. If left to stand in a glass for a short time the air bubbles soon dissipate.

The entrained air is also causing the water to have a stronger chlorine smell than is normal. This will clear over the next few days.