New roading contract gets underway in the midst of COVID-19


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New roading contract gets underway in the midst of COVID-19

  • Date 3:20 PM Friday 1 May 2020
  • Type COVID-19

The seven-year roading contract in Marlborough that was awarded as a 50/50 joint venture between Fulton Hogan and HEB Construction officially started on 1 April. While holding an event to mark the occasion was not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions, the essential work of this contract has moved ahead, ensuring the transport network was safely operating during this critical time.

“We are not operating at full capacity and, like everyone else, we’re working through the challenges of COVID-19,” says Contract Manager Shaun Perrin. “But now that the new contract has begun, we have some great benefits from two contractors working together to deliver as Marlborough Roads.”

Improved levels of service will be rolled out shortly, including a footpath scrubber and a special focus on the Marlborough Sounds area, in addition to other changes instituted already. Fulton Hogan has provided their IT system and database programmes to improve future planning and help better pinpoint the needs of local roads and state highways, while HEB Construction’s Health & Safety operations, which have already proven effective, are being implemented.

Everyone involved in this joint venture has come together as one team, officially working as Marlborough Roads, Mr Perrin says.

“On behalf of Marlborough Roads, we’re committed to looking after state highways in the region as well as the Marlborough District Council's 1600-kilometre road network, no matter what challenges the outside world might throw at us,” says Mr. Perrin.

Deputy Mayor and Chair of Council’s Assets and Services Committee Nadine Taylor congratulated the team on progress so far.

“Well done to the Marlborough Roads, Fulton Hogan and HEB teams for working effectively through a very difficult period during the lockdown. It looks like the new contract partnership is bearing fruit already, with the practical sharing of resources, knowledge and skills. I look forward to hearing more.”

The Marlborough Network Outcomes Contract (NOC) contract is worth $160m over seven years, and covers state highways and the Council’s local roads network, aswell as footpaths. It’s jointly funded by NZTA and Marlborough District Council.


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