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Antenno FAQs

  • We will respond via Antenno during business hours, that is, between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm weekdays, excluding public holidays. This will be to let you know we've received your Antenno report and passed it on to the relevant department to be actioned. Any further response will come directly from that department via email or phone.

    If you report an issue outside business hours:

    • If it is urgent and addressed by our after hours service, for example a large water leak, you won't receive a response via the app, as the issue will be resolved by the after hours callout team.
    • If the issue has been passed on to be addressed during business hours, we will respond during business hours to let you know we've received your report.
  • We'll let you know via Antenno that we've received your Antenno report, so you know it has been passed on to the relevant department to be actioned. Any further response will come directly from that department via email or phone.

  • You'll receive an Antenno notification when we respond to your report. On the 'reports' screen of your Antenno app, you will also see if there has been a response to a report. This will show at the top left, beside the 'Sent button'. Tap into the report, and navigate from the 'details' tab to the 'responses' tab to see the response.

  • The aim of Antenno is to provide relevant information for places you care about. It is unlikely that someone living in Spring Creek needs to receive posts about a change to refuse and recycling collection hours in Blenheim, for example.

    If it was broader, Antenno posts would start to resemble a social media feed that you need to sift through to find messages relevant to you.

    If something comes up that affects the entire region or ward, you'll still receive it.

  • Yes. An example is if you have saved your work address (where, for example, you don't want to receive refuse and recycling updates) and your home address (where you do want to receive refuse and recycling updates).

  • Not at this stage, but very soon yes you will be able to.

  • The only response available at this stage is a thumbs up "thanks". Future enhancements will allow more detailed responses.

  • The app requires either a wifi connection or mobile data to receive posts. If you are not in a wifi zone and don't have your mobile data on, you won't receive new posts until you are connected again.

  • If you've found the post useful, you can let us know by using the thumbs up 'thanks' icon.

    If you have an issue or feedback you'd like to send to Council, use the Reports function to send us a report. (You might need to download the latest version of Antenno, if you don't see Reports when you tap the menu button)

  • Because there hasn't been an incident or message relevant to your saved places. Don't worry – Antenno will let you know when something comes up.

  • When Council has a message to send we assess which parts of the district would find the message relevant. For instance:

    • A closure of a main road would be sent to the whole district, while a temporary closer of a smaller, local road may only be relevant to residents of that area.
    • A public meeting for Seddon residents would be send to Seddon only. (Of course, if you don't live in Seddon but have saved a Seddon property as one of the places you care about, for example a rental property or a family member's property, you would receive the notification).
    • A rates reminder would be sent district wide, as would a reminder about dog registrations.
    • A refuse and recycling update for the Monday collection area, would be sent only to properties falling within the Monday collection zone.
  • Each post shows which of your saved places it relates to, by displaying the places' nicknames at the top left.

    For example, if you have saved three places (your home, your work and your rental property for instance) you will see that for a Rates Reminder (a district wide message) all three nicknames appear at the top as this post is relevant to all three places.

    As another example; if you have saved both a rental property and your home property in Antenno and you receive a refuse and recycling collection update, you can tell which property it relates to by checking the nickname.

  • The app uses Google as the source for its address data. This means that when Google Maps is updated with a newly created property address, the address will appear in Antenno. Antenno works by sending notifications to whichever parts of the district are relevant for that particular information, so an interim measure can be to find the nearest address that does appear in Antenno (or even a street name rather than a specific address, although if doing this we recommend you choose a short street). We suggest this because generally nearby addresses will receive the same notification.

  • Use the Antenno feedback form to get in touch.

    Go to Antenno feedback form

  • Each Antenno place is a single latitude/longitude point, regardless of how accurate (e.g. a numbered street address) or broad (e.g. Blenheim) the address is. This is the way Google returns the data to Antenno from the address search. You can see this to some extent if you search for “Blenheim” in Google Maps. Although the image shows the full region, the highlight in the address bar shows the latitude/longitude coordinates