Applying for a Building Consent

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Applying for a Building Consent

Lodge your Building Consent Application Online

Use the Building Consent/PIM/Amendment online form (you will need to log in to access the form) to lodge PIM applications, applications for amendments for building consents and the following application types:

  • Housing and residential work
  • Commercial and industrial work
  • Garages, carports and sheds
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Solar water heaters and water cylinders
  • Jetties
  • Relocated buildings
  • Swimming pools
  • Amendment to building consent

Apply for your Building Consent/PIM/Amendment online here

Apply for your Building Consent for a Solid Fuel Heater and Log Fires (Residential Only) here

(Please note: you will need to log in/create an account to access the form)

Lodge your Building Consent Application on Disc or Paper

Building Forms

  1. Applications must include all of the relevant documentation called for in the application checklist, including the checklist itself, and a fully completed application form. Applications must be fully complete otherwise they are likely to be returned unprocessed.
  2. Make sure the Design LBP memorandum is included for all restricted building work.
    For preference lodge the documents electronically online
  3. Do not lodge on memory sticks.
  4. Do not lodge by email.
  5. Paper applications can be provided but will be delayed for scanning and will incur scanning fees.
  6. Only one copy of the documents is required for paper applications.
  7. Applications should be completely on paper or completely electronic. Do not mix paper and electronic.
  8. Save electronic documents in PDF format. Format for PDF Documents
    Before Submitting - Format for Application-Related Documents
  9. Make sure the PDF files are unlocked and are not password protected.
  10. Bookmarking of plans and other PDF documents is not a requirement but is very helpful if you have the capability of doing that.
  11. If bookmarking, please name the sheets to show what the contents are. For example do not use 'Sheet 1'; use 'Ground Floor Plan'.
  12. Ensure plans are the right way up for reading.
  13. Fully complete the application form.
  14. Fully complete the application checklist.
  15. A3 size original sheets for drawing are preferred but large projects will need larger sheets.
  16. Use colour on documents carefully. Colours used must be able to be scanned and printed.
  17. Where colour coding is used for highlighting details or other items (such as truss layouts) please provide those in colour.
  18. With the exception of marquee applications and COA deposits, please do not make payment when submitting a building consent application. The table of building consent fees gives an indication of flat fees before other charges such as the BRANZ and Building levies are added. We will invoice you for the full cost of your building consent once the consent has been lodged.

See Building Consent Fees