Proposed Changes to Building Fees

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Proposed Changes to Building Fees


Council has reviewed Building Act fees and proposes changes, this statement of proposal includes:

  • the reasons for the proposal;
  • how people can present their views on the proposal; and
  • proposed fees under the Building Act 2004.
  • the income shortfall in funding the budget for the building consent activity – the second phase of the solution presented to the Planning, Finance & Community Committee in December 2016;
  • inadequate cost recovery under the current fee structure for A and B Band consent applications which include multiple projects.

Reasons for Proposed Fees

We are proposing changes to Building Act fees.

Each financial year the Council reviews fees and charges for building service activities that it carries out under the Building Act 2004 (the Act).

Under section 219 and 243 of the Act, Council may set fees for building consents and for other functions or services under the Act.

Details of the changes are set out in the statement of proposal below:


Submissions closed 5.00 pm 17 June 2018