Certificate of Acceptance


Walking tracks closed to high fire danger

The hot, dry summer has forced the closure of upper tracks in Victoria Domain, and Wither Hills Farm Park.

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Certificate of Acceptance

Floor framing and insulation in a building.

A Certificate of Acceptance may be issued by Council for work that would normally require a building consent, but has been carried out without consent being obtained.

This provision is to allow the regularisation of work that has been done in an emergency situation because of health or safety, without consent being obtained.

It is possible that some other work constructed without consent may also be regularised by a Certificate of Acceptance. The process for obtaining a Certificate of Acceptance is quite rigorous and will cost considerably more than a building consent for the same work would have cost.

The certificate may only cover parts of the work and some components may be excluded from the certificate. For more information refer to the brochure.

For information on the charges involved refer to the building fees page