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The Marlborough District Council building inspectors check all building projects during the construction period. This is essential so that Council is satisfied that New Zealand Building Code compliance is achieved.

The building consent will state which inspections are required. Seven to 12 inspections are usual for a new home with fewer for additions or alterations to an existing home. The number of inspections will vary from project to project.

The Council building inspectors are rostered between inspections and office work. At any time four are on the road. Where possible we try to co-ordinate inspection schedules if significant travel is involved, particularly to properties accessible only by boat. Council endeavours to do an inspection at a time to suit, but people in remote areas need to fix a date several days ahead.

For inspection fees and associated charges please refer to Building Fees

We request that you give us as much notice as possible for inspections and preferably three working days at least.

To book an inspection, phone: 03 520 7405.

Floor foundations.

The inspector must be called for these inspections as a minimum:

  • Before foundation concrete is poured
  • Before the floor concrete is poured
  • Before building wrap is placed
  • When exterior flashings are in place
  • Before internal wall linings are fixed
  • During external cladding
  • Before any texture coating or plaster is applied
  • When drainage and plumbing is installed and before being closed in
  • When a log fire is installed
  • When the house is complete

Inspections can sometimes be combined, saving the cost of one of them. Good site management can reduce the cost of inspections. Conversely, if the work has not been done properly, a second inspection may be required at an additional inspection cost. Combined inspections are common. Second inspections are rare and only a few inspections fail and require a follow-up inspection. That doesn't mean the inspector has accepted everything. Often the inspector will point out relatively minor matters for the builder to rectify. Additional work requested is noted on Council records.

Most builders welcome the inspectors' site visits. The inspectors are all trained and experienced and have completed training to ensure they know what to look for at each of the various construction stages.

If you have any questions about the building inspection process or any other building planning matter, call the Council's Customer Service Centre.

See the contact us page

Fees and Charges

Fees and charges information can be found in the building fees section


Various forms are available under the building forms section