Weekly Building Department Update


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Find out about Council services affected by the COVID-19 event including closures, how to contact us, public transport, and refuse and recycling; useful links for individuals and businesses; welfare information; and latest updates.

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Weekly Building Department Update

We work hard to provide a 20 working day turnaround from receiving your application to issuing your building consent. Achieving this depends on the quality and content of the application; if we have to request more information from you, we won’t be able to process your application until you provide that information.

This page is intended to give you a weekly snapshot of the current volume of building consent applications we have, and also how far in advance you’ll need to book an inspection. It is intended as a general guide. To book an inspection or make an enquiry regarding a specific consent, please phone Council on phone: 03 520 7400.

The page will be updated weekly, on a Tuesday, with the exception of any public holiday that falls on a Tuesday.

Page Last Updated:

Tuesday 24 March 2020

As you'll be aware New Zealand is moving into a level 4 status for COVID-19 from Wednesday 24 March 2020. What does that mean for you and Building Control?

  1. As from tonight there will be no inspections undertaken by Building Control, unless it is deemed necessary for essential services, critical infrastructure or to maintain health and safety.
  2. Building Control will continue to have building consent application acceptance and processing ability, however there will be some reduced efficiency of service. This service will be undertaken by individual BCO’s from home and by Focus Consulting.
  3. Council is working towards having increased resources to enable us to work from home and improve our level of service.
  4. Council will respond to Dangerous or Insanitary Building situations but ultimately if a building meets that criteria under the Building Act it will be closed until the risk to occupiers is removed. Normal process will prevail.

Of course these details are subject to change and we are ultimately instructed by Council management and Central Government. The Building Control Group remains available to answer your enquiries, through our customer service team or contacting me directly. Shock and horror, the March edition of the Building Post has been postponed. Finally, look after yourselves and follow the guidance being provided by the Government. Hopefully we will all be back working flat out to catch-up in the not too distant future

What does this information mean?

Building Consent applications on hand

Building consents are issued in numerical order, and are processed in the order in which they are lodged with Council. When we refer to building consent applications "on hand", this is the number of building consent applications that have been lodged with Council and are currently either undergoing services and planning checks in preparation for processing, or are being processed.

That means that if we have 50 applications on hand, and the oldest is BC123456 you can generally assume that:

  • If your building consent is greater than this number, it is still undergoing pre-processing checks or being processed.
  • If your building consent application number is less than the number of the oldest application, you can expect to receive your consent soon.

There are exceptions to this: for example, if we have to request more information from you, we won’t be able to process your application until you provide that information.

Inspection times

The days between booking and inspection gives you an approximation of how many days in advance you need to book an inspection. Please note these times are a guideline only - if you want an inspection at a specific time of day, or your site is some distance from Blenheim, then you will need to book further ahead.