How and when to lodge a building consent application


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How and when to lodge a building consent application

Once you have all the information required for a building consent application you can lodge the application online, or in paper form (please be aware that applications submitted in paper form will incur an additional administration fee).

View information on the Ministry of Business and Innovation's (MBIE) website on how to apply for a building consent

Once a standard building consent has been accepted by the Building Consent Authority, you will receive confirmation advising that the application has been accepted. The letter will also provide you with the building consent number. The Building Consent Authority then has 20 working days in which to process and issue the consent. During this time, the processing officer can stop the 20 day clock when asking the applicant for further information. The clock will only start again once all the outstanding information is received. For more information on the building consent process click the link below.

Go to MBIE's website for details on 'Understanding the building consent process'