About building inspections


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About building inspections

The Marlborough District Council building inspectors check all building projects during the construction period. This is essential so that Council is satisfied that New Zealand Building Code compliance is achieved and ensures the building work complies with the building consent.

The building consent will state which inspections are required. The number and type of inspections will vary from project to project. A schedule to advise when the inspections are required will be provided with your building consent when it has been granted. At the time of the inspection, you, your agent or your builder need to be on site with consented plans and any associated documentation.

The cost of the inspections is built into the building consent fee and as such, there are no additional charges for the building inspections. However if a number of additional inspections are required from what is detailed in the building consent due to failed inspections requiring re-inspections, then additional inspection fees may be charged. Please click on the link below for the building control fees page.

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Where possible we try to co-ordinate inspection schedules if significant travel is involved, particularly to properties accessible only by boat. Council endeavours to do an inspection at a time to suit, but people in remote areas need to fix a date several days ahead. We request that you give us as much notice as possible for inspections and preferably three working days at least.

Missed inspections may mean that a CCC cannot be issued. For more information on inspections, including who is responsible for organising the inspections and what to expect during the inspection, see below.

MBIE's typical council inspections of a building project information

If the inspection fails, the work to be fixed will be recorded on the inspection record. Another inspection will be required to inspect the remedial work. In some cases work may have to stop, in other cases some work may be allowed to continue, or an amendment may need to be applied for.