When can I start using my building?


COVID-19 Orange level information

Marlborough is at the Orange level of the COVID-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system). See information relating to Council services under this alert level.

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When can I start using my building?

It is important that no building be used when it is still incomplete and potentially insanitary or dangerous. That means that sanitary facilities should be completed and safety items such as safety barriers completed before occupation takes place. It is always best to fully complete buildings and get the Code Compliance Certificate before occupying any building. Single Residential Buildings can be occupied before the Code Compliance Certificate is issued.

Multi Residential/Commercial/Public Use Buildings - The public cannot be allowed to enter any building that does not have a Code Compliance Certificate. Neither is it lawful to allow the public to enter any building that does not have a current Building Warrant of Fitness when one is required. That can create problems for commercial building work done in stages but a Certificate for Public Use can be obtained to allow parts of the building to be used.