Inspection of log fires


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Inspection of log fires

Council inspects log fires during installation. The installers may arrange the inspections but check with the installer so that it is clear who is to call for inspections. Notice is required for inspections and it is advisable to give as much notice as possible.

For freestanding appliances we inspect when the installation is complete but before the ceiling plate is in position. For inbuilt fires we inspect the cleaned out chimney prior to installation of the appliance and then usually before the face plate is installed. If there is a wet back we will also check for a tempering valve to be fitted.

A Code Compliance Certificate will be issued when the inspector is satisfied it complies with the consented plans and specifications, the Building Code and all required documentation has been provided. The Code Compliance Certificate is not a warranty for the appliance. The building consent process will cover the installation of the appliance not the appliance itself.