Swimming pools

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Swimming pools

Swimming and spa pools are part of our way of life in New Zealand. They provide wonderful opportunities for the whole family to gather together and have fun. As the pool owner, you’re responsible for installing and maintaining pool fencing that is safe and effective.

The Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 (FOSPA) has been repealed and fences/barriers are now covered under the Building Act 2004. All in-ground swimming pools, and all above ground swimming pools with sides less than 1.2 metres high must have a complying fence/barrier, and that fence/barrier will require a building consent.

Most swimming pools also require a building consent however some are considered exempt from a building consent under the Building Act 2004 provided they meet the requirements set out in the exemption.

For more information on residential pools and the requirements they must meet, go to the following MBIE web pages: