Warrants of fitness for buildings (BWOF)


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Warrants of fitness for buildings (BWOF)

If you own a building that contains Specified Systems the Building Act requires you to have a Compliance Schedule and you must ensure the effective operation of all the Specified Systems for the life of the building. A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) is a statement issued annually on the anniversary of the issue of the Compliance Schedule by the building owner to Council stating that the requirements of the Compliance schedule have been fully met. This requirement does not apply to single household units (residential homes) unless they have a cable car.

This is important as it ensures that users of the building or a cable car, and the public, are in safe and sanitary situations at all times. One of the requirements on building owners is to make sure that safety systems in the building are regularly inspected and maintained by competent people. The Building Warrant of Fitness process is part of that obligation.

For a guidance document on Building Warrants of Fitness and Compliance Schedules please click on the link below.

View MBIE's guidance document on BWOFs and Compliance Schedules

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