FAQs - Information regarding PIMS


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FAQs - Information regarding PIMS

  • A Project Information Memorandum (PIM), is a report issued under Section 35 of the Building Act 2004, summarising what Council has on record about a property that may have an effect on the building project applied for. The report also checks compliance of the project with the relevant Resource Management Plan rules.

    It identifies what, if any, resource consents will be needed (and that work may not start prior to issue of these consents), any requirements in terms of connections/disconnections to services, any Development Contribution Levies that apply and that the Code Compliance Certificate will not issue without those levies being paid.

    Customers supply details of a proposed building project, these are circulated throughout Council in order to ascertain Council requirements and potential issues before proceeding further.

    Go to further information on PIMs on MBIE's website

  • No. While a PIM is recommended it is not a mandatory requirement to apply for a PIM when applying for a building consent.

  • Yes - you may apply for a PIM.

  • Information about the cost of a PIM can be found on the Building Fees page of this website.

    Go to the Building Services Fees page

    If you 'Ctl F' and type in 'PIM' to the search box it will take to directly to the fee on that page

  • Council has 20 working days to process a PIM, unless further information is requested in which case the PIM will go into pending.

  • Once plans have reached the stage when a good site plan, floor layout, elevations and cross section are available, then a PIM can be applied for.

    You can use the PIM online form to lodge PIM applications or alternatively you can lodge a paper application form for a PIM. For further information see the Marlborough District Council building services website page (Create link)

    Go to Building forms on our website