Cemetery FAQs


Marlborough is at Orange

Marlborough is at Orange level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework (the traffic light system).

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Cemetery FAQs

  • You can inter two ashes urns in an Ashes Garden plot, and four ashes urns in an Ashes Beam plot.

  • You can fit up to six plastic urns or two wooden urns.

  • The full care and maintenance of a memorial or plaque structure on it, is the property and ongoing responsibility of the interred person’s family or descendants.

  • The placements of adornments, planting of shrubs, trees or creating small gardens or other small structures must not be anywhere off the concrete burial beam.

  • Planting of shrubs, trees or creating a small garden area is not permitted anywhere within the cemetery without the Council’s approval.

  • Some cemeteries have gardens where ashes may be scattered but you need to check with the Council where you can do this.

  • Animals are not permitted to be interred in the Council’s cemeteries.

  • Look up the Cemeteries Smart Map through the Council’s website, and this shows location and plot details for each of the Council’s cemeteries.